The Critical Thinking for Success Cognitive Therapy Clinic —How We Sharpen Your Mind, Who We Can Help, and Who We Are

Have you ever scolded yourself for failing to remember an important piece of information? Ever struggled with a new type of math problem that was particularly hard for you but not for those around you? Have you had trouble understanding what people meant or how they were feeling? Were there nights you stayed up late completing projects you put off to the last minute?

The Critical Thinking for Success cognitive therapy clinic helps you overcome all of these problems and more, all in one place. How can this be possible though, when these issues all seem to have nothing to do with each other?

While these problems may appear unrelated, they all have one thing in common: they stem from an underdevelopment of core cognitive skills. These are skills that we use constantly every day, but which most of us aren’t even aware of because of how deeply ingrained they are in everything we do. We’re no more conscious of them than we are of our heartbeats or our breathing.

Learn some more about how we pursue this goal, and how you stand to benefit.

Our Mission: Healthier, More Efficient Brains

At our cognitive therapy clinic, we believe in the power of the human brain, and our mission is to help you access it fully. We accomplish this by training up your core cognitive skills to improve the range of your critical thinking ability.

Train a Healthier Brain with Critical Thinking For SuccessAll of us have things that we excel at, and things that we’re not so good at, but the mistake all too many of us make is to think this is just the way that we are. For example, if we struggle with math for long enough without success, we’ll eventually decide that math just isn’t for us, and start avoiding it. “Not good at math” becomes just another part of our identity.

The problem is that many of us have never developed the basic cognitive skills that we need in order to grow in those areas. Trying to learn math when you have undeveloped sequencing, tracking, and pattern recognition skills is like trying to play soccer before you’ve learned to walk. You need to have the building blocks before you can build.

Our mission at Critical Thinking for Success is to help people obtain those building blocks by identifying and isolating the cognitive skills that they need to work on. We then work with the client to practice using and developing those skills over the course of a long-term coaching program.

By doing that, we assist individuals in training up abilities they thought were beyond them, and so empower them to succeed at whatever they want to do. The brain is capable of so much; we help every client use it to its full potential.

Who We Help

So, who is it that can benefit from the services provided by a cognitive therapy clinic?

The answer is anyone seeking to sharpen their mind—anyone who wants a better memory, or faster reading speeds, or better social skills, or a greater ability to organize and plan effectively. If you have a brain, you can benefit from training it, just as anyone with a body can benefit from working out regularly. The truth of it can be seen in the wide variety of clients we’ve coached over the years.

Because the skills we hone are so deeply ingrained in everything that you do, our training can help you improve in everything from business, to academics, to sports, to relationships. As a result, our clients have a multitude of reasons for seeking our services. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Who We Help at Critical Thinking for SuccessStudents improve their ability to learn and study efficiently.
  • Business people develop their organizational skills for maximized productivity, their social skills for increased sales, and their planning skills for a better work/life balance.
  • Athletes build their performance, using our coaching to improve time management, focus, and hand-eye coordination.
  • Military personnel improve their marksmanship, discipline, and leadership skills.
  • Seniors intent on maintaining brain function as they age use our services to keep themselves sharp.
  • Parents of children with ADHD and other diagnoses praise the success we have not only with helping their kids overcome their challenges, but also with teaching the parents to be better trainers and coaches themselves. While we do not offer medical treatment for these conditions, our cognitive training alleviates or eliminates many symptoms such as disruptive behavior, lack of focus, social awkwardness, and low self-esteem.

Our Team

Our training programs are developed by Robert “Bob” Kauffman. Bob is a therapist and licensed social worker who has spent over 35 years in the mental health field. He’s one of the only people in the United States who administers cognitive performance training, which he learned from practitioners in Australia. He first understood the necessity for this sort of training when he saw that individuals with PTSD and head injuries weren’t experiencing the personal growth they should have been while going through traditional therapy.

He’s assisted by Beth Hrycaj. Beth first became acquainted with Bob when looking for ways to help her son do better in school. After two months of cognitive training, she was so impressed with the progress being made that she decided to become a coach herself, earning her cognitive certification in March 2015 and joining Critical Thinking for Success the following year.

We work together to develop and administer our cognitive training regimens, and hope to work together with you soon as well.