Meet the Critical Thinking For Success Team!

Robert Kauffman

Robert Kauffman, CEO of Critical Thinking for Success

Robert Kauffman started his career as a psychotherapist trained in individual, marital, family and group psychotherapy.  He also had training in the treatment of substance abuse.  However, thirty five years ago his career took a big turn when he started working for a large pharmaceutical company as the Director of Employee Counseling.  As he solved personal and family problems for employees, he was soon asked to begin to solve business problems for the company and his career as a business coach began.  In 1980 Bob founded along with a partner Human Effectiveness, Inc. which provided employee assistance services nationally and business consulting.  They sold that business in 1995 and Bob founded the American Institute of Learning and Cognitive Development, Inc. which later became Critical Thinking For Success, LLC.

In the early 1990’s Bob had become interested in what cognitive science was learning about the brain and how it functioned.  He got trained in how the brain works, particularly in the basic critical thinking skills through which all of our thinking is processed.  These skills have been neglected by education as educators believed these skills couldn’t be improved once they were established by the age of seven or eight.  This is far from the truth and these skills can be improved with dramatic results occurring for students, business people, athletes, the military and brain injured.  Because of our lifestyle change since World War II, these basic critical thinking skills have been on a decline.

Because of Bob’s interest in business, he has along with his staff applied this knowledge about these basic skills to business and the military with great results.  Companies increase revenues and profits, decrease costs, improve leadership, decrease stress, become more innovative and have more fun.  The training he and his company provides starts with an assessment of 14 basic thinking skills and then goes on to improve these skills in either individual or group training.  The training usually takes about 10 to 12 weeks with the weekly session lasting around 2 hours.  Participants are expected to practice brain exercises for at least a half hour a day while in the training.

Bob and his staff also provide neurofeedback services which actually helps the brain balance itself.  The services help people thinking more efficiently, sleep better and stay focused longer.  Neurofeedback is especially useful for ADD/ADHD, head injuries such as concussions, PTSD, learning problems, headaches, depression and anxiety.

Beth Hrycaj

Assisting Bob is Beth Hrycaj. Beth has occupied many different roles, starting as a 3D animator, then serving as an in-house Creative Director at four different companies over the course of 15 years, and finally finding her home here at Critical Thinking For Success.

Beth first met Bob when she made use of his services for her son to help him do better in school. She’d been looking for help in many different places, but Critical Thinking for Success caught her attention because she finally heard everything she’d been waiting and hoping to hear. During the next two months of cognitive training and neurofeedback, she as a parent was required to work with her son on his cognitive exercises and come up with ways to work his skill-building into real life. That involvement and the success she and her son experienced inspired her to pursue a cognitive certification. She earned her certification in March 2015, and joined Critical Thinking For Success the following year.

We’ve been working together to turn victims into victors ever since.