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Brian M
"Able to reach revenues of over $10,000,000 in three short years"

Our work at Critical Thinking for Success helped my wife and I take an idea of a business and make it into a reality. It helped us improve our thinking skills that allowed us to put together a comprehensive plan that has enabled us not only to successfully start a business in a very competitive environment of the fashion industry, but to be able to reach revenues of over $10,000,000 in three short years. We appreciate the efforts Critical Thinking for Success has made in our behalf.
Victor C
"I am much better at what I do because of Bob"

I have known Bob Kauffman for over ten years and am honored that I continue to work with him. As a consultant and coach to others, I deeply value his insights, wisdom and counsel as my personal coach and mentor. I am much better at what I do because of Bob. Using his critical thinking system as a launch point, he has helped me unleash greater capacity as a srategic and creative problem solver. Also, noteworthy is how his approach has challenged me to ask critical questions and have more fun in all that I do. Working with Bob has significantly enhanced my sense of personal satisfaction and ability to make positive impact in the world. Through his help and guidance, I have now completed my work on my doctorate in education which has been a huge accomplishment for me.
Nicole L
"Instrumental in my launching my company"

Bob Kauffman, president of Critical Thinking for Success was instrumental in my launching my company. If it wasn’t for Bob threatening with bodily harm if I didn’t follow through on the business plan I had created, I would not have created it. With his support and coaching, I did take that action and, just after five years of business, my company’s revenues are over $48,000,000.
Kevin K
"The result of this was increased income in an increasingly competitive market"

When I started critical thinking training I was arbitraging between Dow Jones futures on an electronic screen and the Dow futures trading on the floor of the exchange. Part of the benefit is what I expected; improved decision making and a shortened decision cycle. What I got that I didn’t expect was improved physical functioning. About a week after starting I was in a weight room doing bench press. My entire motion had changed. The new motion was much more efficient. I had been trying to attain this motion for years. This was my first evidence that critical thinking training worked in ways I didn’t expect.

Since critical thinking training affects Meta-Programs, all function is improved. While it can not increase the terminal velocity of the eye (250 still images a second) it does increase the efficiency at which those images are processed in both rate and detail. As a result the continued simultaneous monitoring of 4 displays containing multiple markets and order entry software became much easier. Similarly hearing improved, I was able to glean improved levels information from the ‘back ground noise’ from the floor that I heard on the headset that connected me to the floor.