Learn How Cognitive Training Can Benefit Your Problem-Solving Abilities The most striking quality about powerhouses like Bill Gates or Elon Musk is their extraordinary ability to innovate creative solutions. Admittedly it’s easy to feel like they’re somehow different from us—somehow more naturally inspired  and resourceful than the average person. But believe it or not, you…

Most people have heard of ADD or ADHD. Broadly speaking, you know these terms describe cognitive conditions that make it hard to focus. However, that basic understanding is too vague to be useful, and you’re here to learn more. Maybe you’ve received a diagnosis, or maybe you’ve noticed symptoms that have made you wonder, “Does my child have ADHD?”

Critical Thinking for Success, LLC invites people to join us for an Exciting week of Fishing and Critical Thinking Training from September 6th to September 14th, 2019.

In the US, we talk about PTSD like it’s an unbreakable curse. People often label people seeking PTSD treatment as “damaged goods” and assume they will never recover. Now, with a new method of PTSD treatment called the body LENS, all that might change.

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