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Picture of Deerfield Metra Station near Critical Thinking for Success office in Deerfield, Illinois.At Critical Thinking for Success, our goal is to heal as many brains as possible. That’s why we have an office in Deerfield, IL. Here we can help not only Chicagoans but also people from throughout the region maximize their minds.

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Life in the suburbs can take a toll on the brain. That’s why we offer cognitive training in Deerfield. We want to be a resource you can use to get your mind back on the right track.

Our founder, Bob Kauffman, has decades of experience serving people in this region. He would love to do the same for you.

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Our services can have a vast assortment of benefits on your busy everyday life. For example, our neurofeedback services have been shown to improve sleep and decrease anxiety. We can also help you to better organize your day through life coaching and cognitive behavioral therapy.

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