I Want to Be More Organized

If your desk, house, room, or car are messy, it’s likely that this isn’t the only problem you have. Disorganized spaces are the result of a disorganized mind, and this lack of organization can affect how you manage everything else, from your work to your relationships.

Getting organized can be difficult for many people though, and this is because they haven’t developed certain core cognitive skills to their full potential. These particular skills are the foundation for your ability to organize and manage your life, and Critical Thinking for Success will help you identify and train them, making it easier for you to maintain your spaces, workflow, and relations with others.

Root Causes of Disorganization

Root Causes of Disorganization

Organization makes use of a number of your core cognitive abilities. If you don’t consider yourself an especially organized person, these are the skills that are to blame:

  • Classification and Categorization is how you group ideas, objects, actions, emotions, and time periods together, making them easier to manage.
  • Environmental Awareness is how well you stay aware of the relation of things to one another, both in physical environments and with ideas.
  • Field Discrimination is how well you stay focused on a target when there are distractions around, without losing sight of those other pieces of information in case they become important.
  • Analysis and Synthesis is how well you can break ideas and processes down into smaller and more manageable parts, observe the logic holding them together, and bring them back together into the main ideas you need to continue your task.
  • Motor Integration helps you plan out your tasks before you begin, rather than rush in right away.
  • Abstract Sequencing, or abstract logic, is how well you can visualize a step-by-step process in your head. This skill is especially important to organization as it allows you to better plan how you will organize something before you start moving things around. It allows you to grasp logical concepts faster, find errors in planning earlier, and strategize more effectively.
  • Concrete Sequencing, or concrete logic, is how well you see what is and isn’t working in the moment. In contrast to abstract sequencing, this skill helps you during hands-on experience. It assists you in learning more as you work, spotting inefficiencies in the plan you made earlier, and being a more effective trainer for others.

Improving Your Organizational Abilities

Improving Your Organizational Skills and AbilitiesThe first step in improving how organized you are is to figure out which of these skills you can work to improve. Maybe there are only a couple that need work, and maybe some are dragging down others. Whatever the case may be, we’ll help you pinpoint the areas where it’ll be most useful to concentrate your efforts.

With that in mind, we’ll develop a cognitive training regimen that targets those particular skills. This regimen will include logic puzzles and activities that give your brain daily workouts, as well as coaching that helps you start learning new ways to approach daily tasks.

Over time, you’ll become more organized and better able to effectively manage not only your spaces, but also your time, your work, and your relationships.