Balance Your Brain with Neurofeedback in Chicago and the Surrounding Suburbs

Does your brain feel unbalanced? Some of the symptoms of an uneven mind include difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and a lack of focus.

If this sounds like you, then you will benefit from the restorative effects of neurofeedback treatments.

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Make Sense of Your Mind

Image of the connections in brain that are assisted by neurofeedback treatment.There are few things more frustrating than an ineffective mind. Struggling to accomplish everyday tasks is disheartening enough. But it is extra exasperating not to know what’s wrong with your brain.

That’s where neurofeedback therapy comes in!

Using state of the art neurofeedback technology, we can show you exactly what’s going on in your brain. We use electrodes to map your brain waves in 21 different locations. From those electrode readings, we can explain what’s wrong with your mind and how to fix it.

Experience a Simple and Relaxing Process

Many clients enjoy the neurofeedback process because it’s so relaxing. All you must do is sit with your eyes closed and jaw relaxed and let the electrodes do their work.

And the effects are astonishing!

While you sit and relax, the electrodes send electrical feedback to your dominant brain waves. Once your unconscious takes notice of this feedback, your brain will start to adjust itself. As a result, the symptoms of your cognitive issues will begin to disappear!

Neurofeedback Heals Your Brain Over Time

Many neurofeedback clients report symptoms decreasing almost instantly. They start sleeping far better and have vivid dreams. They wake up more rested from their sleep and begin to feel calmer and less anxious during the day.

Before too long, it can turn your life around!

We have seen countless people with concussions or cognitive disorders like ADHD discover new life through neurofeedback. Optimism and peace of mind replace the depression and confusion they once felt. It’s a beautiful transformation to witness!

Arrange Appointments to Meet Your Busy Schedule

Neurofeedback treatment is an ongoing process, requiring multiple weekly sessions to take effect fully. How many appointments it will take depends on how discerning your brain is. Some clients only require ten sessions to experience the full benefits, while others need as many as thirty.

That’s why we make scheduling appointments simple!

We want you to enjoy this restorative process. Therefore, we will work with you to come up with the best possible treatment schedule. Sessions are typically an hour long and can take place at either our Chicago or Deerfield offices.

Are you looking for neurofeedback treatment in the Chicagoland region? Contact us at 312-291-9679 to set up an appointment!

Button featuring the text "Read the Complete Guide on Neurofeedback Therapy"