Every night, millions of Americans sit down in front of their TVs, in crowded movie theaters, and in their own private reading nooks, all to watch characters navigate a romantic relationship. We’re obsessed with this question: How do you make love work? How do you get to the happy ending?

Most people go into dating without any sort of planning, hoping they’ll stumble into happiness like in a romantic comedy. However, there’s no director behind a camera directing you towards a pre-written happy ending. Like anything else, the only way to really find success in your love life is to be intentional and conscious about how you’ll reach your goal.

“How can I make my relationships work? How can I find happiness?” These are questions we hear a lot but before you can build healthy relationships you should first ask: “How can I be happy and single?” You’re not ready for a partner until you learn to really enjoy being single—but how do you do that?

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